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Assembly is the highest body of the Association.

Assembly consists of representatives of members of the Association.

Assembly is convened as needed, and at least once in two years.

Assembly is convened by the Presidency on its own initiative, or based on a proposal of at least of 1/4 the Association members.

Assembly can discuss and decide about all issues from the scopr of activity of the Association, and is exclusively competent for the following:

  • making (passing) the Statute of the Association,
  • determination of directives for the work of the Association,
  • evaluation of work reports and reports on material-financial management of the Association,
  • determinination of the way of financing the Association and determination of the height of membership fee,
  • election of the Presidency of Association,
  • election of President and Vice-president of the Association,
  • foundation and abolition of the Association's boards,
  • election and dismissal of both president and members of the Supervisory board and president of the board,
  • passing decisions on joining international organizations,
  • appointment of Secretary General,
  • establishment of institutions which are of the interest for members,
  • passes decision on cessation of existence of the Association
  • performs other activities related to the work of the Association prescribed by the Statute, Law or other legal acts

All representatives participate equally in the work of the Assembly.

Each member of the Association, disregarding the number of delegates, has only one single vote in decisive processes in the Assembly.

Quorum for the session of the Assembly exists if delegations of more than half of the members are present.

Decisions are passwed by majority of votes of the delegates present.

Voting in the Assembly is public, unless decided otherwise by the participants of the Assembly.

If the Assembly is not attended by majority as described in article 23, the session is adjourned and the new session is convened.

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