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Missions and tasks


The Association of Municipalities and Towns of Republic of Srpska, is a nongovernmental organisation, which is working on promotion of effective local government and providing its support to local authorities.

The mission of the Association of Municipalities and Towns of Republic of Srpska is to promote democratic, effective and efficient local government by:

  • Advocating the common interest of its members at the state leve
  • Providing its members with professional services
  • Creating a platform for exchange of knowledge and information

The Association's goal is to provide professional services to its members advocate their common interest at the state level, create common voice and joint platform for action at the state level and to help exchange of knowledge and experiences among its members.

Its mission is development and strengthening of local government.

The Association of Municipalities and Towns of Republic of Srpska is not a party based or political organisation.


Its main focus is on:

  • Promotion of principles and values of local government,
  • Development and protection of local government on principles of democracy and decentralization,
  • Improvement of cooperation among local authorities and their organisation,
  • Advocating common interests of its members at the state level. Initiating dialogue with representatives of the state institutions on behalf of its members.
  • Cooperation with the national and international associations of local authorities.

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